The journey of The Halcyon Collection begins with the tale of a Kingfisher bird, whose nest is perched on the edge of the sea. In ancient legend, the Halcyon bird is said to possess the ability to bring forces of nature under control, charming winds and waves to bring peace and tranquility to its nest. Born from the myth of this bird, the word Halcyon now conjures up thoughts of sanctuary, fond memories and space for reflection. Our attraction to water as a species is clear; its presence can quiet a noisy mind and bring a hypnotising calm in its place. Water signifies a presence of nature and symbolises a return to simpler times, its soothing existence is an answer to the desire for serenity to our busy lives. This collection of products explores the mesmerising ways water makes its presence known; crashing waves and whirling vortexes are countered by the still, silent lagoons and the imprints left behind where water once flowed. Much like the fabled Halcyon bird who bewitched waters to create a restful, safe nest, this collection of products provides the power to create absolute serenity and peace within your home.