10 Working days is it all it takes to make our hand-made laminated shades. We have over 500 house Silk Dupion’s, Crepe Silks, Velvets and Linens to choose from.

For our house silks Bella Figura has selected ranges from Bennett Silks and James Hare. Both of these UK companies create the precise combination of colour, fabric strength and flexibility to perfectly bond the paper card and fabric together.

Please see the drop-down menus above of our extensive range of available silks and fabrics.

Lamp Shades Collection


Each shade can be internally lined with white, cream, champagne, gold and silver card. The white and cream lining will let light omit through the fabric whereas the champagne, gold and silver lining will prevent light penetration thus retaining the true colour of the fabric when the lamps are turned on.


Continuing with the 10 day working formula we introduce our pleated shade collection. In a similar technique to our laminated shades the pleated silk is bonded onto card. As with our smooth shade style you have a choice of white, cream, champagne, gold and silver card lining to form a robust and contemporary classic drum shade. These are only available in ten house silk colours by James Hare.